Other things about me!


I’m always happy to hear people’s ideas and opinions about my stuff. Also just if you want to send me something cool! No ads though of course.

Matrix: @tim:clifford.lol

Email: tim(@)clifford.lol (I get a lot of spam, it might take me a while to reply). If you send something signed and encrypted I’ll reply quicker!.

Anything proprietary: Don’t even think about it


I’m a sysadmin for the Student Run Computing Facility, a volunteer-run student society that provides free, useful and flexible computing and network services for University of Cambridge staff and students. See more here

Me in other places

Check out my Gemini site! If you don’t know what Gemini is, it’s a “smolnet” alternative to the http/html ecosystem - leaner, meaner, and more wholesome. You’ll need a special browser to view it, then find me at gemini://tim.clifford.lol/ :)

You can also find me on SourceHut here, where my active projects are hosted, or on GitHub here, which hosts some forks of projects I’ve contributed to.